Monday, January 9, 2012

Alexandra Hawkins "After Dark with a Scoundrel” Review By Lady Victoria

Alexandra Hawkins "After Dark with a Scoundrel”
Review By Lady Victoria

4 Hearts Out Of 5

Lady Regan grew up being raised by her brother and brothers friends who are also known as the Lords Of Vice. Her father died when Regan was younger and her mother abandon her and her brother for some guy. The Lords of Vice and her brother are the only family she has ever had. Regan and Lord Hugh Mordare, also known as Dare, get caught in a romantic kiss by Regan's brother, but before Regan can explain herself her brother quickly ships her off to a lady's school for reforming younger girls. Regan wonders if the kiss between her and Dare ever meant anything to him, does he truly have feelings for her?

Regan is all grown up and has turned into a beautiful and confident young lady. She has finished her schooling at the lady's school for reforming younger girls and is on her way back to London. Ever since the kiss her and Dare shared five years ago Regan is determined to seduce Dare into her bed, but will it backfire on her? Will Dare already have moved on with his life, or will he be seduced by Regan? Also, will Regan forgive her brother for shipping her away from the only family she has only known?

Lord Mondare has always had a soft spot for his best friends sister Lady Regan. So when he kisses Regan he has no idea that the soft spot ignites something inside him. Thank god Regan is shipped off to a ladies school for reformed girls, because he knows that things could have gone too far that day.

Five years later while at the opera gazing across the opera hall is the most beautiful women he has ever seen. He soon realizes that the beautiful women is Regan and she is all grown up. Before Dare can comprehend that it is Regan, he starts reliving the kiss that he and Regan shared five years ago. All the feelings he had for her start coming back to him, but will he be able to suppress them and prevent himself from acting on those feelings? Dare also has no idea that Regan has a plan to seduce him into her bed. Find out if Dare can keep his sexual and emotional feelings under control and not be seduced by the beautiful Regan.

This is the third installment from Alexandra Hawkins Lords of Vice Series. Alexandra Hawkins draws you into the world of Dare and Regan's sexual relationship. This book is full of passion and excitement and will keep you wanting to know what is going to happen next.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sneak Peak of Alexandra Hawkins's New Book "Sunrise with a Notorious Lord"

Sneak Peak of Alexandra Hawkins's New Book
"Sunrise with a Notorious Lord"

- Title: "Sunrise with a Notorious Lord"
- Author: Alexandra Hawkins
- Genre: historical romance
- Page Count: 304
- Publisher: St. Martin's
- ISBN-10: 1250001366
- ISBN-13: 978-1250001368
- Release date: January 3, 2012

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Here is a Blurb from "Sunrise with a Notorious Lord":


Christopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright—known around London as “Vane”—is the very picture of a rich, handsome ladies’ man. Why shackle himself to just one lady when he’s free to sample them all? In spite of his own mother’s attempts at matchmaking, Vane has sworn to stay single. Until he has a chance run-in with Miss Isabel Thorne…


A modest and refined beauty, Isabel is a lot more brazen than she appears. When a pickpocket tries to make way with Vane’s bejeweled snuffbox, Isabel attempts to thwart his escape…and manages to steal Vane’s heart. But the harder he tries to seduce the sharp-tongued, strong-willed Isabel, the more she resists. Now it’s up to this tried-and-true bachelor to find a new way to play the game…or risk losing the one woman who’s ever captured his heart.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alexandra Hawkins "After Dark with a Scoundrel” Review By Lady Victoria (Coming Soon!)

Alexandra Hawkins "After Dark with a Scoundrel” Review By Lady Victoria (Coming Soon!)


Young, tender, and highly impressionable Lady Regan can't help but be intrigued by her brother's wayward friends—the wickedly charming Lords of Vice. One man in particular, the dashing Lord Hugh Mordare (known simply as "Dare" among the ton), utterly captivates her—in spite of his reputation as notorious womanizer. But when she steals an innocent kiss from Dare, Regan is swiftly packed off to boarding school, safely away from danger...and desire.


Five years later, Regan returns—a proper lady and ravishing beauty. Miss Swann's Academy for Young Ladies has taughter her how to behave in polite society. But all thee training in the world cannot extinguish her love for Dare. Now, she hopes to beat the master of seduction at his own game—by daring Dare to love her in return. This time, both their hearts are on the line...and winner takes all

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